Maiden Voyages: April 2014

(Last Updated On May 15, 2022)

I know my productivity has been erratic lately so I’ll make this update brief. First of all, because of all the positive contributions to my last post, I have split it into two separate posts.  There are new images and information on the Pierre et Gilles images, so take another look. One of our fans has contributed a delightful image of girls reading that I decided to add to our Poster Child post.  We could also use some help with identifying it.

A reader wrote directly to me a short while ago about his efforts to bring the Graham Ovenden case to the attention of Miscarriages of Justice UK (MOJUK), a UK organization concerned with the unjustly convicted.  However, even so-called philanthropic organizations tend to shy away from cases that involve this kind of rabid public outrage.  If anyone would like to help us get some traction on this case, I have posted his note to me in the comments section at the end of the Fall from Grace? post.

I decided because of the unpredictability of YouTube, the charming Godiva-like excerpt from Joseph Cornell’s The Midnight Party should be contained in-house on this site for viewers to see.  There is much more to share about this intriguing artist and his work, so look for it in a future post on Pigtails.

With the help of some friends and many fans of Pigtails, I have tracked down a number of interesting films featuring little girls.  In time, I will make full reviews and even include some excerpts that can be viewed on this site.

Part of what has distracted me is that I have been working on transcriptions of Japanese work.  I have found it frustrating not being able to learn the back story of the many intriguing Japanese artists because of the language barrier.  With the help of a friend, I have been transcribing Japanese text on the computer so it can be made more openly available and translated.  I had a major breakthrough last month and am convinced that I will be able to transcribe most Japanese text now.  I had already made an English transcription of the text in David Hamilton’s Twenty Five Years of an Artist which I did while producing that post and now I have a transcription of Hajime Sawatari’s journal from his trip to England when he shot Alice (still in the original Japanese, but you can at least give online translators a try).  I intend to have a transcription page where extra text could be pasted or downloaded on demand and hopefully some Japanese experts might be inspired to offer clean English translations of these texts in time.  I have also been working on transcriptions of text in other languages as well, but I think most would agree that Japanese is one of the most challenging.

I will redouble my efforts to get more posts produced and three writers have promised me that they have interesting contributions to make as well.  Pip informs me that he has gotten more motivated lately, so I know we are all eager to see what he has to offer on Pigtails in Paint in the future.  Best wishes to all, -Ron

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