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(Last Updated On June 17, 2022)

Just a quick post here.  I don’t know anything about this musician, but the photo is apparently of her at age 2-and-a-half.  To be honest, I don’t even remember how or where I first came across this adorable image.  Probably Spotify.  Anyway, it’s clearly an independently produced album.  I just got a big chuckle out of it and thought it was worth sharing here.

Photographer Unknown - Karen Maria Schleifer - Yes, You Can Touch It (cover)

Photographer Unknown – Karen Maria Schleifer – Yes, You Can Touch It (cover)

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  1. I was just perusing some of the old articles on the site, including this one.
    I noticed the reply to one of my Comments.
    In that reply, I was being directed HERE:

    ‘(C) Subject Themes & Special Presentations’, there is a category called ‘Album Covers & Music-Related Art.’

    It seems that by now the above has ceased to exist on the site.
    Category (C) is now “Artists by Name”.
    Or am I just not noticing where it is now?

    • No, Christian has taken over the categorizations and has made several changes to the categories, as well as correcting links in the posts to correspond to the new categorizations, but apparently forgot to change this particular post. I’ll direct him to your reply so that he can make the necessary corrections. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    • I have reorganized the categories and tags to simplify searches and remove redundancy. I am also reviewing all previous posts to update their categories and tags, and correct any problems in them (broken links, missing images, etc.). I wait until I have finished before writing a post to explain the changes.
      Specifically, the category hierarchy ‘Subject Themes & Special Presentations’ does not exist anymore, because its categories were almost all similar to some tags. Thus, instead of the category ‘Album Covers & Music-Related Art’, you must look for the tag ‘Music Album’. On the main page, or in any category or tag, you have the right column for searches, in particular the tag cloud between the archives and categories.
      This particular post had been reviewed and is correctly categorized and tagged.

  2. I think that album covers (especially covers of vinyl albums) would make a really good category here on this site.
    As I have said, I do not personally have the equipment or the
    tech savvy needed to scan anything. But still, I can suggest items that other people here probably have.

    To begin with, how about the covers of “Blind Faith” by Blind Faith and “Virgin Killer” by Scorpio?

    • P.S. Allow me to add that many people who have criticized the latter are in my opinion taking things too literally. In the case of the former, I say that people who think the rocket is “phallic” are reading too deep.

    • There are over 700 posts on this site. If you will dig back, you will discover that quite a few interesting album covers are shown here. -Ron

      • BUT, would it be possible to put those covers together under one category, rather than being scattered around the site? Or I am somehow not understanding how to search for them on the site?

        ALSO, allow me to mention two more albums, obviously much less famous than the two that I already mentioned.
        (I guess that the more famous you are, the more likely it is that people will scream bloody murder if you put a nude kid on the cover of your album.)

        Tschaikowsky – Symphony No. 2 in C minor – Berlin Symphony Orchestra. Cover has a nude child from the rear. She is facing the water and holding a big beach ball.

        Family by Larry Rankin. In the cover photo, he is holding up his nude daughters, one in each arm.

        • P.S. These are vinyl albums, and not of recent vintage. Also, the Tschaikowsky album cover
          has on it the phrase “Little Russian” in quotation marks.

        • Jerrold, first off, there is such a category already and has been since this site’s inception. If you’ll look in the categories to the right, under the heading ‘(C) Subject Themes & Special Presentations’, there is a category called ‘Album Covers & Music-Related Art.’ Secondly, both the Blind Faith and Scorpions covers are in there. Take some time and peruse the categories. That’s what they’re there for, and you may be surprised what you’ll find!

        • I could not find the first album you mentioned (Tchaikovsky) on the web, even using a variety of alternate search terms. Perhaps you have a link to a version on the web. The second album you mention is actually Kenny Rankin rather than Larry Rankin, but it is indeed a beautiful cover. Thanks for the suggestions!

          • ALSO, let us take note of one obvious fact not mentioned yet:
            In the vinyl LP era, album covers were much larger than CD or cassette covers, which was fortunate when a beautiful picture was on a cover.
            It seems that vinyl is currently making a comeback. But in today’s prudish world, record producers would be too afraid to feature a nude or topless little girl on an album cover.

          • In a sense vinyl never went away. It has undergone brief resurgences of popularity (such as during the early 90s), but there has always been a small dedicated fan-base for vinyl records. I have a friend who is an indie producer of vinyl, though his company mostly produces extreme metal. He has never really gained much of a profit and often loses money. It’s a business fraught with all sorts of headaches, and he is in it mostly for love of the format, I suspect. I don’t think it’s ever going to make a huge comeback, and with all the digital media now I fear album cover design is a dying art. Well, we can still enjoy the old stuff though.

      • And I would like to add, you can always use the search engine provided at the top of the site too, which will quickly reveal whether a certain piece is already here or not. We always appreciate suggestions, but please take the time to make sure it isn’t already present on the site before you suggest it.

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