Soviet Postcards? Part 5: A.A. Ivanov

(Last Updated On March 7, 2018)

Strictly speaking, this is not a Soviet postcard as the Soviet regime was officially dissolved in late 1991 and the card displaying this image was issued in 1998.  Nonetheless, it does demonstrate the Russian dedication to continuing its legacy in the arts*.

This sketch was probably not given an official title by the artist and if you read on, you will learn why. The postcard simply offers the title “Nude Nature-Girl” and was part of a series dedicated to old and modern masters issued by the International Academy of Information.

A.A. Ivanov - Обнаженная девочка-натурщица (1830-1840)

A.A. Ivanov – Обнаженная девочка-натурщица (1830-1840)

Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov (1806–1858) studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts under his father, Andrei A. Ivanov. Because his painting adhered to a waning tradition of Neoclassicism, he received little respect from his peers. He has been called the master of one work, for it took 20 years to complete his magnum opus, The Appearance of Christ before the People (1837–57), now in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Critical judgment about the artist improved in the following generation and some of the sketches he had prepared for The Appearance are now regarded as masterpieces in their own right. The most comprehensive collection of his works can be viewed at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

*For you sticklers, I do realize that the Soviet Union is not exactly synonymous with Russia; I am simply sharing a selection of postcards I acquired around the same time, published in Russian.  There are a few more “not technically Soviet” cards to come.

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