The Art of Censorship

(Last Updated On March 4, 2018)

This post is really a favor to the Artist on Trial Blog which has been vigilant in digging out the facts of the Graham Ovenden case.  He wanted his readers to view an excerpt from a documentary produced in 1997 and aired by BBC4 called For the Sake of the Children whose purpose was to show the negative impact of opposition to the nude depiction of children in the name of protecting them.  An attempt to post this video on YouTube failed because it violated their Terms of Service which prohibits depictions of nudity.  Therefore we offer it here so readers can hear the words directly from the models’ mouths.

For more details and commentary on the documentary visit the Artist on Trial Blog.

Nicky Akehurst - For the Sake of the Children (excerpt) (1997)

A 10th revision of the Ovenden case is complete.  -Ron

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