Busy, Busy, Busy

(Last Updated On June 19, 2022)

Greetings Pigtails fans and readers!  I’ve been away for some time (for which I wholeheartedly apologize), mostly owing to a graphic design stint for an important publication.  Ah, so you want to know what it is?  But then, how can I maintain my air of mystery? 😉  So let’s keep it a secret, shall we?  Now that it’s done, my time has been taken up by other projects, including a novel I am working on.  Beyond that, I’ve been having problems with my internet access lately, and I fear I may need to replace my Wi-Fi booster.  I had planned to make a post yesterday but my internet connection was down most of the day.  And to beat all, I seem to have misplaced the folder of the artist I wanted to feature (I may have accidentally deleted it) and cannot for the life of me remember who the artist is.  It was a German artist who began as a Symbolist and later moved towards more Expressionistic work.  Well, I’ll track him down again, the little bugger!

Anyway, Ron has done an exemplary job of piloting Pigtails in my absence, so a big hearty thank you to him.  Now that I’m back, you’ll see more posts from me, though mostly the old stuff from the original site going back up.  Providing, of course, that my internet continues to cooperate.

Meanwhile, the Graham Ovenden case continues to draw interest, and we are one of the few sites telling the other side of the story, a lone ship of reason and balance in a frantic sea of scapegoating, witch hunting and moral panic, so it is not surprising that we have attracted a lot of attention over our article.  Again, it’s Ron’s fearless and thorough research that is primarily responsible for our article on Ovenden, and through it we have won some grand allies in the art world . . . and probably a few enemies too.  But such is the nature of our mission.  Throughout all of this Pigtails has been an amazing learning experience for me, and the decision to bring Ron on as first mate of the S.S. Pigtails is one that continues to reward me, this site and its readers.  I’m still astonished that a blog I started basically as a hobby is quickly becoming one of the foremost authorities on the young girl in art on the web.  Don’t get me wrong: I suspect it has little to do with me and more to do with the fact that it is a fascinating subject to many, many people, and this blog is simply one whose time had come.

Anyway, Ron and I appreciate your praise, comments and suggestions, so keep them coming! – Pip

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  1. Love the art photos and the comments. I draw and paint young girls and have done so for over 50 years. I would love to see more Sally Mann works. Have a happy christmass (sorry about the typos in my first comment)

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