Maiden Voyages: September 2012

(Last Updated On July 4, 2022)
What a fantastic month we had in August!  We looked at a great deal of photography, including the work of several photographers who have been controversial.  Ron and I are ever vigilant about not only defending the freedom of artists to depict children in the nude but actually putting our money where our mouth is, so to speak, and taking advantage of our own freedom of expression in order to challenge the rampant ignorance and outmoded prudery of would-be censors.  It remains one of the most important missions of Pigtails in Paint.  In addition to the photography we had a nice selection of works in other media.  All in all, a good solid month.

This month I will be introducing both a new theme and a new ongoing series.  The theme first: September will be a month of something a bit different—Girls with Guns.  Guns are not something we usually associate with the young girl, which is precisely why I chose it as a theme.  Pigtails in Paint is devoted to the young girl in all her incarnations, including the gun-toting badass.  Granted, this concept is more often found in the media than in real life, but that is an important cultural manifestation in itself that says something about our modern conception of the young, which we will explore with these posts.  As for the new ongoing series, perhaps more than any other it will realize this blog’s intention to be a sort of artwork in itself, an experimental digital monument to the girl child.  The idea is this: a single image will be paired with a famous quote that Ron or I feel best represents the image.  The quote may not directly reference the image.  It may even seem unrelated, but in some sense we believe the spirit of the image is reflected in those words.  I haven’t yet decided what to call this series, but it will be revealed soon enough.  Now, I’m not sure what all Ron has in store for you, but I’m certain it will be some great stuff!

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