(Last Updated On June 24, 2022)

I don’t think I’ve featured any street art yet, so this will be a first for Pigtails in Paint.  This is by an artist who calls himself Vinz (many artists in the street art and lowbrow art scenes adopt pseudonymous monikers under which they create their art) and it was located in the Barrio de El Carmen section of Valencia, Spain for only a few days before it was dismantled by the authorities.  As with many street artists, Vinz’s work is generally political in nature; he describes this piece thusly:

“This wall is a tribute to the miners’ women (wives, daughters, sisters, girlfriends…) who are in Asturias, León and Teruel, fighting for their labor rights while the miners walked 500 km to Madrid during the ‘Marcha negra’ strike.”

The nude figures in his work generally have bird’s heads, symbolizing their connection to nature, and their nudity reflects their physical, spiritual and creative freedom, for which they are sometimes persecuted. You can see a few more photos of this particular painting here.


Vinz – Don’t Be Afraid (2012)

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