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(Last Updated On May 10, 2022)

I hate it when some new CEO or editor or manager takes over some operation and writes a blurb about himself and the bright future of the enterprise in question. These introductory briefs always seem disingenuous at best, egotistical at worst. That is why I did not say much in my introductory post a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to have a few posts under my belt so that you, the reader, could judge for yourself what I contribute and if it is worthwhile.

I noticed that Pip, when he can, likes to have monthly themes or tries to let you know what is coming up. Although there is a lot of synergy between Pip and me, I am different and contribute my own flavor and attitude to this blog. Pip is king and I would never deliberately step on his toes, but my contribution will necessarily have a subtle effect on the evolution of this blog. I don’t expect to make monthly updates like Pip, but I will have my two bits to say from time to time.

When I make a text-only post like this it will be to emphasize two things of concern: 1) Sharing important updates and upgrades and 2) Periodically reaffirming my commitment to the blog’s purpose.

[A list of updates appeared here which is no longer relevant.]

Purpose – An endeavor like this is a labor of love and as such expresses the character of the creator. In this case, Pip’s vision provided an important medium for a neglected genre of art. That neglect and our personalities have given our work an implied deeper role that I would like to bring to light: education, preservation and quality.

Education – I know when I first navigated through this site, I realized it was a great source of new material I had not seen before. Rather than create a catalog, Pip found it important to offer random posts so that readers would continue to discover new things of interest. In my personal experience, I learned the more I discovered, the more I had yet to discover. I figure I would need a staff of 40 to dig up everything I would want to find out about! So, readers should not assume Pip and I are some kind of omniscient experts and we would welcome an appropriate contribution big or small from time to time.

Preservation – The reason it was possible to make new discoveries on Pigtails in Paint was because as vast as the internet is, it has only scratched the surface of the art world and most especially the sensitive subject of the portrayal of little girls. The images displayed in this blog can be a basis for letting the next generation know what has come before and have access to the pertinent images in the long term.

Quality – From day one, Pip has made it clear that he wanted this site to be a cut above; to only republish images of sufficient quality and set a standard that protects as much as possible the original artistic vision. Although the image resolution and clarity is superior to most of what’s out there, it is not enough to undermine the demand for fine art prints or other high-quality reproductions that fetch a high price. In fact, the exposure of art made here should increase the competition for the real article for those who can afford it and those who can’t will still benefit from the exposure to the majesty of little girl art and imagery.

To achieve these goals, I found it important to bring a historical and critical perspective to the images I post so that: 1) It reinforces the legitimacy of this site as a place for artistic commentary and 2) Offers psychological clues to why we should find these images so compelling. It is easy to argue that I am simply trying to rationalize my interest in little girls, but a rationalization is not necessary if one is sincere in his self-examination. I invite you all to join me in this exploration.


From Pip Starr on August 17, 2012

Well said, Ron. And as I told you already, your contributions have been excellent and on the mark. I knew I’d made a good decision in electing you to be an editor on the blog, and whenever I read your text and see the images you select for the blog, it merely reinforces that contention.

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