Francesco Acerbis on Lars Nilsson

(Last Updated On June 24, 2022)

A photo by Francesco Acerbis from an art show at the Palais de Tokyo.  I love the look of astonishment on the little girl’s face.  I would love to know the artist who created that weird figure too.  Japanese, I believe, but that doesn’t help me much.  Anyone out there know who this artist might be?

Update: A visitor to my blog says that the person who created that figure is, in fact, Swedish artist Lars Nilsson, so much appreciation to him for IDing Nilsson. If you like this, you can see a bit more of Nilsson’s work here.

Ateliers "Tok Tok" au Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2003

Francesco Acerbis – Palais de Tokyo, site de création contemporaine, Paris, France (2003)

Francesco Acerbis (Official Site . . . I think – site’s text is mostly in Italian)


From Jerry on August 15, 2012

The artist is Lars Nilsson. Swedish. Thanks for your flowers in our muddy word.

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