Maiden Voyages: July, 2012

Here we are again with another Maiden Voyages.  Looking back on June, it was quite an interesting month here at Pigtails in Paint as we received our first troll.  I suppose it was inevitable, and frankly I’m still amazed it took this long.  Ah, how I feel like a parent reminiscing on my child’s first steps, or my child’s first word, and I boast every bit as proudly!  My baby is growing up.

We looked at a LOT of Jugend art all through June.  This month we’ll continue that, but I am going to cut back on how many Jugend-related posts I make this month as I am frankly growing a little tired of it.  So I’m getting back to a more varied posting schedule, closer to what I was doing when I started my little project.  I have some truly exciting stuff coming up; I think you’re all going to be pleasantly surprised.  Let’s leave it that, eh?  Short and sweet.

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