Maiden Voyages: July 2012

(Last Updated On June 24, 2022)
Here we are again with another Maiden Voyages.  Looking back on June, it was quite an interesting month here at Pigtails in Paint as we received our first troll.  I suppose it was inevitable, and frankly I’m still amazed it took this long.  Ah, how I feel like a parent reminiscing on my child’s first steps, or my child’s first word, and I boast every bit as proudly!  My baby is growing up.

We looked at a LOT of Jugend art all through June.  This month we’ll continue that, but I am going to cut back on how many Jugend-related posts I make this month as I am frankly growing a little tired of it.  So I’m getting back to a more varied posting schedule, closer to what I was doing when I started my little project.  I have some truly exciting stuff coming up; I think you’re all going to be pleasantly surprised.  Let’s leave it that, eh?  Short and sweet.

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