Heinrich Lefler and Joseph Urban

(Last Updated On June 24, 2022)

I love this!  I first encountered it in my copy of La Linea Viennese, which I picked up from Edward R. Hamilton a few years ago at a steal (note that the single used copy for sale at Amazon is $95!)  A friend of mine who, like me, is an artist was flipping through the book, and when he saw this, he pointed out to me that it would make a great t-shirt design.  I have to agree.  Maybe someday I’ll get this printed on a shirt.  I’ve done it before with artwork I liked.

Anyway, this is by the brother-in-law art team of Heinrich Lefler and Joseph Urban.  I have definitely seen Urban’s name in Jugend, and I’m fairly certain Lefler has contributed pieces to it as well.


Heinrich Lefler; Joseph A. Urban – Marienkind – Her Clothes Were of Gold and the Little Angels Played with Her (1914)

Spirit of the Ages: Lefler and Urban gallery

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