Follow Your Bliss

(Last Updated On June 24, 2022)

This was the great advice Joseph Campbell gave his students. Perhaps more than any other scholar, Campbell got to the source of how myth informs each of our lives when it is functioning properly. He believed that to express our full humanity, we should take time every day to get in touch with our core being. Forget your daily worries and what you owe others and what others owe you. No matter how strange or how others might ridicule you, engage in that thing that you really love. That thing that you love, that makes life worth living is your bliss. Well, as seemingly ridiculous as it my be, my bliss is this: I am in a kind of awe at the perfection manifest in the girl child’s physical and spiritual form. If you frequent this blog, chances are this is your bliss as well.

My name is Ron and perhaps you have seen some of my comments here before. Pip has graciously invited me to contribute my voice to this site. Pip and I respect and recognize the talent and knowledge of the other and we hope this synergy will enrich your experience.

Like Pip, I have similar tastes and we both like doing research and sharing our discoveries with others. Also, it is in my nature to be a teacher and as in savoring a good meal, knowing something more about particular images or artists gives it a greater depth enhancing the enjoyment.

It is no small matter that so many people find these pursuits appealing and as such are a deeply human endeavor. Therefore, I can say wholeheartedly to everyone reading this, “Follow your bliss!”

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