Charles Shannon

(Last Updated On June 24, 2022)

Finally I get to post this beautiful Impressionistic illustration by the incomparable Charles Shannon! It’s been in the queue for awhile and I have been eagerly anticipating the day I could post it.  That day has arrived.  Shannon was the friend (and possibly lover) of another excellent artist, Charles Ricketts.  Well, neither ever married (as far as I know) and they shared a home in Chelsea, England called The Vale, the name of which inspired the moniker of Ricketts’s own Vale Press.  Anyway, Shannon was not a major contributor to Jugend, unfortunately, but just encountering this piece has made the search worthwhile.  Discoveries like this one are the reason I love searching through archived material.


Charles Shannon – Salzwasser – Jugend No. 10 (1898)

Wikipedia: Charles Haslewood Shannon

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