Arnold Böcklin

(Last Updated On June 25, 2022)

Arnold Böcklin was a Symbolist painter, which means I pretty much love him by default.  Did I mention Symbolism was my favorite art movement?  Probably a dozen times by now, but anyway . . .  Although I categorize everything in Jugend as illustration, this is actually a black and white reproduction of Böcklin’s painting The Honeymoon (retitled Spring) so this is a young married couple–very young, actually, considering the boy doesn’t have any facial hair yet.


Arnold Böcklin – Frühling – Jugend No. 21 (1896)

Arnold Böcklin – The Honeymoon (1890)

Arnold Böcklin – The Honeymoon (1890)

Arnold Böcklin – The Complete Works

Wikipedia: Arnold Böcklin

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