Maiden Voyages: May 2012

(Last Updated On July 4, 2022)
[Some no longer relevant information has been removed.]
Right now I’m having fun researching artists associated with the German art nouveau magazine Jugend.  The mag ran for a little over forty years (from 1896 to 1940), and there were tons of artists who were published in Jugend in that time span, many of them quite frequently.  I have enough images now for the follow up to my post on Fidus, not to mention a couple of other artists who deserve their own posts, so I’m almost certain I’ll be getting to those this month.

For the long term I am planning to devote a month almost exclusively to sculpture, because I have a lot of that waiting in the wings.  I’d also like to start delving into film this summer, as I’ve done virtually nothing in that area.

One more thing: someone asked me recently about the origin of my blog’s name, noting the fact that my nickname (Pip) is the same as the acronym for my blog.  Sharp eye!  So for anyone else that might’ve caught that and was wondering: yes, indeed, the name of my blog was based on the letters in my nickname.  And now, I shall take to calling you all—my followers—Pipsters.

I guess that’s all I’ve got right now.  Take care then, Pipsters!

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