Luis Ricardo Falero

(Last Updated On June 25, 2022)

Something a little different today.  Spanish artist Luis Ricardo Falero’s work never appeared in Jugend as far as I know, but I had to post this because it is simply stunning.  Falero was mostly known for his nude women, and this piece is no exception, but it is unusual in that it also contains a gaggle of nude little girl putti.  Female putti are extremely rare, but it makes sense that they would be present in a painting of Venus, the goddess of beauty.  In this painting the planet named for the Roman goddess appears in the background as well.  Falero was ahead of his time–his work still looks fresh and contemporary, and he was clearly an influence on many contemporary genre painters, particularly fantasy artists.  His paintings are positively steeped in eroticism, and many of them fit quite comfortably in the Symbolist tradition.


Luis Ricardo Falero – The Planet Venus (1882)


Luis Ricardo Falero – The Planet Venus (1882) (detail) (1)


Luis Ricardo Falero – The Planet Venus (1882) (detail) (2)

Wikipedia: Luis Ricardo Falero

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