Karl Mader

(Last Updated On June 26, 2022)

This is sweet. I can’t find much on Karl Mader, but I know he was an Austrian painter, worked in the early 1900s, and died in 1952.


Karl Mader – Erwachen der Seele (1935)

5 thoughts on “Karl Mader

  1. Wonderful golden girl. The dandelion suggest the famous lines from Shakespeare – golden lads and girls all must, as chimney sweepers, come to dust. Golden lads – dandelion flowers, chimney sweepers – dandelion seed heads. Chimney sweepers come to dust, it’s their job, but they die like everyone else

      • Perhaps it should be added here that the title of the painting means “Awakening of the Soul”.
        Coming to think of it, when any new post goes up here that includes the foreign-language title of a work, it would be a good idea to provide an English translation of the title. (I realize that to do it retroactively would be too much of an undertaking.)

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