Jules-Adolphe Chauvet

(Last Updated On June 26, 2022)

Now this is fun!  Note that one of the putti at top has an erection, and the other one is a girl!  It’s quite rare to see blatantly female putti like that.  And all the stuff going on at the bottom . . . très amusant. Chauvet, a student of Eugène Ciceri, produced this when he was twenty years old, providing the date is correct.


Jules-Adolphe Chauvet – The Centre of the World (1848)

1 thought on “Jules-Adolphe Chauvet

  1. This drawing reminds of “L’origine du monde” by Gustave Courbet.
    Note that the French put a hyphen between his two forenames: Jules-Adolphe Chauvet. See for instance http://top-terriens.fr/star-jules-adolphe-chauvet.html where exactly the same image as yours is shown.
    There is a French Wikipedia page on him, it says that he made drawings for Gay et Doucé, a Belgian publishing house specializing in erotic works. Some of them can be found in http://le-bibliomane.blogspot.fr/2011/03/les-editions-gay-et-douce-illustrees.html
    On the other hand, Wikimedia commons has only one erotic image by him (18th century lesbians).

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