The Human League

(Last Updated On June 28, 2022)

The Human League — Reproduction: This band’s premiere album has a symbolic cover with interesting implications. What does it mean, then? I’m not exactly sure, but I take it as a broad statement about the destructiveness of time and entropy.


The Human League – Reproduction (cover) (1)

The Human League - Reproduction (cover) (2)

The Human League – Reproduction (cover) (2)

Wikipedia: The Human League

The Human League (Official Site)

4 thoughts on “The Human League

  1. On a related issue:
    I am trying to figure out if the images of the babies are photographs or drawings. (My eyesight is imperfect.)
    Would Ron or anybody else have an opinion?

  2. Considering the fact that the image apparently depicts the babies getting stomped on, I just want to share this very relevant passage from the Wikipedia article:

    The cover shows the feet of a man and two women seemingly standing above a number of naked babies. This was at the instruction of the band, but band member Martyn Ware described how the band’s brief was misinterpreted by the record company’s art department:

    “We said we wanted an image of a glass dancefloor in a discotheque which people were dancing on and beneath this, a lit room full of babies. It was meant to look like a still from a film – like some kind of dystopian vision of the future – but it just looks like they’re treading on babies. We were quite upset but at that time, it was too late to change it”.

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