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As a proud Gen-Xer, I have to show some love for Billy Idol’s old band Generation X. Idol himself has long flirted with the darker or more edgy side of sexuality, including stuff few other pop artists would touch, like the Lolita concept (Cradle of Love), incest (White Wedding) and masturbation (Dancing with Myself). And so, given Idol’s exploration of taboo sexual territory in his music, not to mention his reputation for carnal excess in real life, the erotic undertones of the cover for Gen X’s single release of Dancing with Myself are rather hard to escape.  The girl’s come-hither pose and facial expression, not to mention the baby doll dress, leave little doubt as to what the cover’s designer was up to here.  Oddly enough, this image seems to have barely made a ripple in terms of controversy.  Go figure.  This is not to imply that Idol had anything to do with the cover’s creation, by the way, or that he is in any way supportive of the sexual exploitation of children; it’s just that it all works together to imply something quite . . . well, pedophilic.  But all said, it is in my estimation a nice–if simple–cover design.


Gen X – ‘Dancing with Myself’ single (cover)


From Anonymphous on March 3, 2012
I would love to see more of this girl. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. Cool cover too. Scorpions “Virgin Killer” cover is still a notch above this though.

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