Maiden Voyages: February 2012

(Last Updated On July 2, 2022)
I should begin by noting that last month’s plans didn’t quite come to full fruition.  I wanted to do more book-themed posts.  I also wanted to get back to doing the monthly Eye on Alice feature.  But I did get around to putting up several of the longer posts I wanted to do.  This month I will try to get back on track, but no promises.  One of the great things about doing a blog is that I’m in charge and I don’t have to stick to the plan.

Anyway, I did say in the last MV that I was going to refrain by and large from mentioning upcoming specific artists, right?  I believe I did.  I will, however, mention today the general trends/directions I’m considering for the month ahead.  So, while looking through my blog, I’ve noticed that I have posted images that overwhelmingly feature Caucasian girls.  I would like to remedy that by at least devoting a month of Pigtails in Paint to other ethnicities, and February being Black History Month, when better than this month?  So you will see a lot more black, Filipino, Asian, etc. girls this month, though primarily I’d like to focus on black girls.  You will likely also be getting the next installment of A Miscellany of Young Misses, which will compliment the month’s focus on non-Caucasian girls.  One more point here: as is usually my way, I will not focus exclusively on whatever it is I’m featuring, so you will see white girls interspersed throughout the month too.

Now, I have a few general announcements.  First, I would like to point out that February 15th will be the one-year anniversary of Pigtails in Paint.  Keep a lookout for something special on that day.    And also, I received my first link in Wikipedia; it was for Edith Barretto Parsons’s Frog Baby image. I had previously gotten a link-back in Wikimedia Commons, but this is my first Wikipedia link-back and I am quite proud. Finally I would like to say that my little blog, just shy of one year old, has far exceeded my expectations. She is now averaging about eleven hundred (1100) hits a day, seeing over a quarter of a million hits since her launch date, and she isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Ergo, a sincere thanks to all of my visitors and fans, some of whom have taken the time to email me letters of appreciation. And I am also happy to report that one year on I have yet to receive a single critical or insulting email from anyone. Not one. Despite some technical setbacks, my sassy beribboned little boat keeps moving forward full steam ahead. So, in the profound and immortal words of netizens everywhere . . . w00t w00t!

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