Mikhail Golosovski

(Last Updated On July 4, 2022)

Sorry about the long intervals of non-posting, but I have been under the weather for the last week and haven’t felt much like going through my files to see what I should post.  However, I have been gathering some new stuff for the blog, so you will be getting some interesting longer posts very soon.  Perhaps this evening I’ll have the stamina to post the first one I have planned.  Meanwhile, here’s something to hopefully tide you over.  As per usual lately, I can’t find any info on this photographer.  The closest I could come was that a search of his name reveals there’s supposed to be a collection of his work at this site, but right now there doesn’t appear to be anything much at all at that site. Ah, well . . .


Mikhail Golosovski – (Title Unknown)


Mikhail Golosovski – (Title Unknown) (detail)

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    • It’s cool, but just keep in mind that, owing to the legal issues concerning much of the material we feature, we have to stay respectable.

    • Humbert, I appreciate your enthusiasm for our blog, but please keep your comments centered on the art, and make them relevant to the post beyond just “Pretty girls” or whatever. I will only approve posts that share some insight about the art or elucidate some fact not discussed therein. Also, keep comments about your private life out of the discussion. This is a serious art blog about a very serious issue. If you continue with that, you will be banned. Fair warning. I allowed this one through (in severely edited form) to make a point, which I hope you and others will take to heart. Otherwise, just enjoy the artwork, please. Thank you!

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