Maiden Voyages: November 2011

(Last Updated On July 4, 2022)

Here we are on our second Maiden Voyage (kind of paradoxical, no?), and this month we have some exciting things coming up.  This month’s theme will be little dreamers, which means we’ll be examining some surreal and fantasy-themed art with girls as a central element.  In our ‘Eye on Alice’ segment we’ll look at the the Alice-themed calender art of the amazing John Coulthart.  We’ll finish up with a couple of the dark artists we looked at last month–Andrew Polushkin and Kathie Olivas, plus get to photographer Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev, who I’d planned to feature last month but didn’t have time.  Well, I did manage to get to every artist I’d planned except him, which really isn’t too bad, given my track record for such things.  Finally, I’d like to mention that we have an interesting tribute to William Bouguereau this month.  And, of course, many surprises, so stick around!


From Bill Tree on November 1, 2011
I don’t always like what you post. But I always like getting your posts…know what I mean? Thanks.

From pipstarr72 on November 1, 2011
Well, even I don’t like all the artists I post (whether it’s the artist’s politics, or their style, or whatever), but I try to cover the whole range. I think it’s important that I try to overcome my own biases because there are people out there who do like the artists I don’t care for. Anyway, I’m glad you like getting my posts!

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