Connie Talbot

(Last Updated On July 4, 2022)

I don’t usually post videos on here, but I thought I would do something a little different to round out our Little Dreamers series, since today is the last day of the month.  So here are a couple of different YouTube videos of Connie Talbot.  The first is of her performing John Lennon’s ultimate ode to the dreamer, Imagine.  The soundtrack for the clip is, I believe, taken from her studio album, and it has been put to a series of transitioning photos and video clips of Connie.  The second clip is more recent and shows Connie performing Adele’s Rolling in the Deep in the studio.  As you can see there, she’s becoming quite the lovely young lady.  Enjoy!

Connie Talbot – Imagine

Connie Talbot – Rolling in the Deep

Connie Talbot (Official Site – be sure to check out a new video of her here, featuring her singing the song Skycraper and playing piano too.  This girl has an amazingly bright future.)

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