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(Last Updated On July 4, 2022)

Editor’s Note: The site “Bouguereau Remastered” no longer exists on the web.

Sometimes in my voyages across the Internet in search of new stuff for the blog, I come across something fun.  This was just such a discovery.  On the site Bouguereau Remastered, assorted artists create variations on famous William-Adolphe Bouguereau works, usually with some satirical bent. Bouguereau, of course, frequently painted children (often his own), and so there are plenty of examples of these works represented at Bouguereau Remastered; I chose those I felt were the best.

Among my favorite pieces at BR were the assorted versions of L’amour mouillé:


Artist Unknown – Celestial Bodies

Artist Unknown - Bouguereau's Tattoo Show

Artist Unknown – Bouguereau’s Tattoo Show

This is cool. Digital artist Cézar Brandão has created a 3D rendering of the figure from L’amour mouillé:

Cézar Brandão - Bouguereau's Angel

Cézar Brandão – Bouguereau’s Angel

Cézar Brandão - Bouguereau's Angel (detail)

Cézar Brandão – Bouguereau’s Angel (detail)

Ron English, who is famous for his satirical paintings using KISS figures, did a take on Alma Parens:

Ron English - Miracle of the Milk Kiss

Ron English – Miracle of the Milk Kiss

Ron English - Miracle of the Milk Kiss (detail)

Ron English – Miracle of the Milk Kiss (detail)

A cute little rock girl based on Bouguereau’s Un moment du repos:

Artist Unknown - Bouguereau Rocker

Artist Unknown – Bouguereau Rocker

This artist created a parody of La charité featuring rock star Slash:

M. J. Haylor – Slash La charite

A couple of different versions of La tricoteuse:

Artist Unknown - Combat Girl

Artist Unknown – Combat Girl

Mark Lawrence (Aards2) - Little Supergirl

Mark Lawrence (Aards2) – Little Supergirl

Pictures of the figures stepping out of their frames are quite popular at Bouguereau Remastered:

Artist Unknown - Egg Drop

Artist Unknown – Egg Drop

The best ones seem to incorporate completely incongruous aspects:

John93036 - Young Apprentice

John93036 – Young Apprentice

SteveRS - Young Punk Girl

SteveRS – Young Punk Girl

Krtoon - The Difficult Lesson

Krtoon – The Difficult Lesson

Ziaphra - Skindeep

Ziaphra – Skindeep

These next two are particularly sweet and lovely:

Emily Anney (Child7) - Forest Hideaway

Emily Anney (Child7) – Forest Hideaway

Kenneth Rougeau - Just This Side of Morning

Kenneth Rougeau – Just This Side of Morning

I think this last is my favorite:

Renato Dornas - Crashed again!

Renato Dornas – Crashed again!

DeviantArt: Cézar BrandãoCézar Brandão on blogspot

Popaganda – The Art and Crimes of Ron English (Official Site)

Note: I will be featuring more work from Ron English in the future, so keep a look out for him.

DeviantArt: Child7

Kenneth Rougeau

DeviantArt: renatodornas

Worth1000 (Most of the artists who aren’t identified by real names here have pages and bios at Worth1000.)

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