Maiden Voyages: October 2011

(Last Updated On July 4, 2022)

First things first: I’m officially announcing that I will be doing monthly updates on what I have planned for the month ahead, to be titled ‘Maiden Voyages’, of which this post is the first. Now, let me be clear: I reserve the right to diverge from the update if I need to, but by and large I will try to stick with the plan.

Furthermore, I’m not going to announce everything I’m planning to post because, well, some surprises are nice, aren’t they? And anyway I would like to have some flexibility in my posting habits, and I don’t enjoy making exhaustive lists of my plans. I will, however, announce many of the bigger posts I have planned, or at least hint at them.

[Remaining text addressed time sensitive details.  You can view the posts for October, 2011 yourself in the archives.]

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