John Bolton

(Last Updated On July 5, 2022)

This is the cover design (sans title and text) for issue #1 of the two-part Dark Horse Comics miniseries Aliens: Newt’s Tale. The cover art was done by John Bolton, who illustrated tons of comic book covers for Dark Horse throughout the 1990s. While I’ve never read this miniseries, I’ve always loved the character of Rebecca “Newt” Jorden, the sole human survivor at the colony on the planet LV-426 when the crew of the Sulaco arrive at the planet, in the groundbreaking sci-fi film Aliens. The character was played by Carrie Henn, who’d never acted before and (to my knowledge) hasn’t been in anything since.  If I recall correctly this image was scanned from a comics catalog, but don’t quote me on that.

John Bolton – Aliens: Newt’s Tale #1 (cover design)

John Bolton (Official Site)

Wikipedia: John Bolton (comics)

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