Lillian Ripley

(Last Updated On July 9, 2022)

“A portrait of my inner child.

This is based off an old home movie I found where I was painting nude in my grandparents garden. I painted it in order for me to have something a little more substantial than a few minutes in the middle of hours and hours of home videos.

I painted it in sepia, purples and reds. In some ways it makes me think of vampire children. The red seeps everywhere. I know in many ways this picture is disturbing but it fits with what my child self turned into and what I’ve become.

In the splatter of paint I added Mt. Rainer, the large volcano in WA, where I moved a year or two after this video was shot. So the picture is a mixture of the present and the past.” –Lillian Ripley, DeviantArt


DeviantArt: Littledormy

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