Larry Welz – Cinnamon Poptart Speaks Her Mind

(Last Updated On July 9, 2022)

Larry Welz, creator, writer and illustrator of the erotic comics series Cherry Poptart (later just Cherry), also worked on the Kids’ Liberation Coloring Book I posted yesterday. Cinnamon Poptart was Cherry’s little sister, and as far as I know made exactly one appearance in a single one-page segment, to make a point. Now, I’ll let Cinnamon speak for herself:


Larry Welz – Cherry Poptart, Issue No. 2 – Cinnamon Poptart

Cherry Comix (Official Site)

Smoking Crater (Larry Welz’ Blog, archived)

Wikipedia: Larry Welz

1 thought on “Larry Welz – Cinnamon Poptart Speaks Her Mind

  1. I would have drawn Cinnamon to look almost identical to Cherry.

    The interesting thing is that Japanese comics and visual novels (and I’m not meaning the ones that portray lolicon/shotacon or the VN routes of those flavors) don’t feel a need to make every character “18” or older. Perhaps English versions may try to not state an age or have somebody blurt “we’re all 18!” as a fig leaf, but the Japanese versions don’t do that.

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