Larry Welz – Cinnamon Poptart Speaks Her Mind

Larry Welz, creator, writer and illustrator of the erotic comics series Cherry Poptart (later just Cherry), also worked on the Kids’ Liberation Coloring Book I posted yesterday. Cinnamon Poptart was Cherry’s little sister, and as far as I know made exactly one appearance in a single one-page segment, to make a point. Now, I’ll let Cinnamon speak for herself:


Larry Welz – Cherry Poptart, Issue No. 2 – Cinnamon Poptart

Cherry Comix (Official Site)

Smoking Crater (Larry Welz’ Blog, archived)

Wikipedia: Larry Welz

One thought on “Larry Welz – Cinnamon Poptart Speaks Her Mind

  1. I would have drawn Cinnamon to look almost identical to Cherry.

    The interesting thing is that Japanese comics and visual novels (and I’m not meaning the ones that portray lolicon/shotacon or the VN routes of those flavors) don’t feel a need to make every character “18” or older. Perhaps English versions may try to not state an age or have somebody blurt “we’re all 18!” as a fig leaf, but the Japanese versions don’t do that.

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