Anthony Kurtz

(Last Updated On July 9, 2022)

Anthony Kurtz – (Title Unknown)

Anthony Kurtz Photographics (Official Site)

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    • Our site gets discovered in a haphazard way so it can vary widely when a living artist gets to hear about their work appearing on this site. Another thing is that artist who Google themselves may slowly learn that people discovering their work are doing so through Pigtails which is likely to be more popular than the artist’s “official” site. -Ron

    • Thank you for contacting us. We are a critical review and educational site. Illustrative works for this purpose does not require permissions from the artists in question. Your objection will be posted so readers will know to respect copyright law. In order to use the “Fair Use” Clause of the law, only minimal (or only one) example is given and in low enough resolution so that the image cannot be used for illegal reproduction. Thank you for your understanding. -Ron

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