Vintage Postcards, Series 9

(Last Updated On July 9, 2022)

vintage-postcard-little3 vintage-postcard-little-g vintage-postcard-little-p vintage-postcard-little-s1 vintage-postcard-looking vintage-postcard-lying vintage-postcard-mirror vintage-postcard-on-table vintage-postcard-on-tree vintage-postcard-on-wall

2 thoughts on “Vintage Postcards, Series 9

  1. Hello. I have a framed photo of the fifth model from the top, in a different pose. I found it in an antique shop in SW England in the 1980’s. Do you know anything about the model or the company that produced these cards?
    Any information would be appreciated.
    Thank you
    Louise Ortega

    • Models for the most part are anonymous unless they become famous. There was a case of someone who did some digging and found the identity of a little girl who appeared in many postcards, Grete Reinwald. In your case, since you have a physical copy, you have the best chance of collecting clues. The only clue from our image is the company, Seagles Postcards, which is little help. In those days, photo studios would sell the rights to images and gave masters/negatives to the companies to use. Things are even worse in the digital age when it is not always possible to examine the reverse of the postcard. Good luck in your research and if you get a lucky break and figure it out, I hope you will share it with Pigtails readers. -Ron

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