Eye on Alice: The Covers, Batch 1

(Last Updated On July 9, 2022)

This month’s edition of ‘Eye on Alice’ is dedicated to early covers for the book. The original artist was of course John Tenniel, who worked closely with Lewis Carroll to get the illustrations just right (not without some friction between the proud illustrator and the fastidious Carroll.) Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is one of very few works–along with the Holy Bible and the works of Shakespeare–that has never been out of print since it’s original print run, and it is the only children’s book I know of that holds this distinction. During illustration’s golden age nearly every children’s book illustrator of reknown tackled the book, including Arthur Rackham, Bessie Pease Gutman, Jessie Wilcox Smith and Will Pogany.

A colorized version of John Tenniel’s cover:


John Tenniel – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (cover)

E. Gertrude Thomson, a friend of Carroll’s, did the cover for the first edition of The Nursery Alice, a version of the book Carroll created for younger children:


E. Gertrude Thomson – The Nursery Alice (first edition cover)


Artist Unknown – Alice in Wonderland (cover)


Arthur Rackham – Alice in Wonderland (cover)


Mabel Lucie Attwell – Alice in Wonderland (cover)


Milo Winter – Alice in Wonderland (cover) (1916)


Mervyn Peake – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Vojtěch Kubašta – Alice in Wonderland (cover) (1960s)


Tove Jansson – Alice in Wonderland (cover)

One of the earliest books dedicated to the various artists and illustrators of Alice in Wonderland was this one, edited by Graham Ovenden, an accomplished artist in his own right, and published in 1972 (I’m not sure who designed the cover for this):


Artist unknown – The Illustrators of Alice (cover) (1972)

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