The Sicilian Sweethearts of von Gloeden

(Last Updated On July 9, 2022)

Wilhelm von Gloeden specialized in photographs of adolescent boys, often in a classical mode.  While at the height of their popularity they were viewed essentially as innocent, today it is quite evident that these works are flagrantly homoerotic.  The boys are often nude and posed in erotic stances or contexts.  In contrast to these, von Gloeden’s few extant portraits of young girls offer subjects that are sweet and coy, even conservative.  But, as with all of his work, the girl photos are technically proficient.


Wilhelm von Gloeden – A Girl


Wilhelm von Gloeden – A Girl with an Amphora


Wilhelm von Gloeden – Peasant Girl Holding a Cock


Wilhelm von Gloeden – A Girl Holding a Basket in Gloeden’s Garden


Wilhelm von Gloeden – A Girl with a Kitten


Wilhelm von Gloeden – Portrait of a Little Girl, Taormina


Wilhelm von Gloeden – Two Sicilian Girls

Wikipedia: Wilhelm von Gloeden

Homoerotic Photographs of Wilhelm von Gloeden

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