When I was a child, I was bullied. Mind you, I wasn't doing anything to antagonize anyone; I was simply an easy target. I only later began to understand that bullying has deep-seated psychological causes, but that doesn't matter to an innocent child.

I feel I am still being bullied. By taking on a challenging subject and noticing how people react to it, I realized that I was exploring something fundamental to the human condition. This threatens people—some of which are experiencing a knee-jerk xenophobic response—and, in some way, this threatens the status quo. On the one hand, I have sympathy for those who are insecure about their own tenuous exercise of power but I must adamantly object to that power interfering with a legitimate exploration of the human condition—and my interpretation of it. This is a violation of civil rights in the highest order and a great detriment to humanity generally.

I know I have said this until I became blue in the face, but I must reiterate that there is not one single image in Pigtails in Paint that is child pornography and that the existence of such material is anathema to me and the supporters of this site. There is no legitimate reason to censor anything that has been published on the site. The fact that anyone would consider the material pornographic says more about the viewer than the material itself.

I have just learned that our enemies are getting more serious. A Canadian organization calling itself the Canadian Center for Child Protection (CCCP) has filed a complaint that Pigtails contains child porn. Make no mistake, as mundane and official as their name seems, this is an extreme and overzealous organization. Their complaint went to Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE) who manages the internet infrastructure which includes blocking websites. Instead of investigating the claim and then following up, they have taken the lazy approach and summarily blocked our site. Please note that I have not received any communications from CCCP or RIPE about their concerns. This is bald unjustified censorship and is not tolerable to any reasoning human being. The ironic part is that one of the images cited in the complaint is something that could be found in back issues of National Geographic. As politically incorrect as it may be, it is certainly not pornography.

Pigtails seems to be the only target right now. We will be filing a protest with RIPE in the hopes that they will understand that complying with the CCCP's overreaching request is unreasonable and that their requests should never be taken at face value. In the mean time, this cover page will remain and readers will be given updates about our progress. A suggestion has been made that Pigtails should reside in the Tor network. Despite all protestations to the contrary, this is actually a family site and does not belong on a network that tolerates crass black market activity, weapons sales and bona fide child pornography and sites advocating the overt exploitation of children.

I know some of our content may seem frivolous on the surface but this kind of censorship should be taken seriously—as much as LGBTQ rights, global warming and Black Lives Matter. All well-being and civil rights issues have a common root cause which should be brough to public light and foiling the power brokers who benefit from said oppression.

-Ron, Editor-in-Chief

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